Navigated Arthroplasty

Whether you have a hip, knee or shoulder that needs to be replaced, you want to know that your orthopedic surgeon is going to replace your joint safely and accurately. After all, even a minor positioning error in a routine joint replacement can dramatically affect the long-term success of your joint replacement procedure. Thankfully, a misaligned joint is one problem you will not have to worry about when you trust the professional orthopedic surgeons at Orthopedic Institute of Rio Grande Valley.

Thanks to recent advances in technology,a new type of surgery is now possible, and it is being used with great success by the surgeons at Orthopedic Institute of Rio Grande Valley: Computer-Navigated Arthroplasty. With navigated arthroplasty, surgeons are able to attach light-emitting diodes to the part of the body undergoing the surgery. These diodes send signals to a computer, replicating the surgery in digital form.