Total Knee Replacement

Do you have a painful, stiff knee that makes it difficult to perform even the simplest of daily activities? If so, it may be time to see your doctor at Orthopedic Institute of Rio Grande Valley to discuss the possibility of a total knee replacement. A common surgical procedure performed on those with persistently achy knees, a total knee replacement may be just the procedure you need to feel your best once again.

During a total knee replacement, your surgeon will cut any damaged bone or cartilage away from your knee and leg and replace it with a new, artificial joint. This new joint, which is typically made out of a combination of metal, plastic, and polymers, is intended to provide a smooth knee surface, allowing the knee to glide easily and without pain, increasing your mobility and quality of life.
A total knee replacement is typically recommended for individuals who suffer from chronic pain or stiffness in the knees and whose symptoms often prevent them from enjoying or participating in everyday activities. The procedure is frequently recommended for people who suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.
During total knee replacement surgery, your surgeon will bend your knee, make a six to ten-inch incision and move aside the kneecap. Next, your surgeon will carefully begin removing any damaged areas that need to be replaced. Lastly, your surgeon will attach the new joint, check for a proper fit and stitch the area back up once again. The entire procedure should take around two hours.
Once your total knee replacement surgery is complete, you should expect to spend one to two hours in a recovery room and then a couple of days in a hospital room. During this time, you will begin to rest and recover while being monitored to make sure that there are no complications after your procedure.
Physical therapy will begin right away and continue as needed until you make a full recovery. Exercises your physical therapist will likely have you do include moving your foot and ankle, completing various knee strengthening exercises, walking, and going up and down stairs. You may be given blood thinners and support hose to help with your recovery as well.
If your chronic knee pain is making it difficult for you to complete your day-to-day activities or if your knee pain bothers you even while at rest, a total knee replacement may be just the procedure you need to return to optimal health once again. Only a licensed medical professional can let you know if this surgery is right for you, however, so be sure to call or visit Orthopedic Institute of Rio Grande Valley to find out more.
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